Finding the Right Fit with PS Companies

PS Companies, founded in 1979, is your right fit for all personnel service needs. Specializing in the legal industry, executive search, and professional sectors, we find the right person to exceed your expectations.

We achieved our decades of success because of how well we integrate with our clients. Whether our client is a firm, individual, executive, or company, our goal at PS Companies is to find The Right Fit, every time.


The Right Fit is Somewhere in the Middle >

  • Culture
  • Skill
  • Personality

PS Companies continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many personnel needs including those in the legal, executive, and professional sectors.

How is this for a radical idea?

The best companies attract and retain the best staff. But here is the problem:

The best people, the right people, aren’t looking. 
  • They have jobs.
  • They don’t know you are hiring.
  • They don’t know who you are.
  • So you can’t find them.

You have to attract them. Since 1979 PS Companies has been attracting the best people for Fortune 500 companies and top law firms.

PS Companies will find the Right Fit for your company. 

The Right Fit is Here

The Right Fit Starts and Ends Here.