Healthcare & Nurse Staffing


PS Companies understands that healthcare staffing is critical to the success for most healthcare facilities. Hiring nurses is not only important to providing care for patients but also in maintaining positive morale for other nursing staff members.

It is important to hire nurses and nurse aides who are reliable, professional and knowledgeable team players. It is important to utilize a nursing staffing agency that is local and can determine who will be the best fit for your facility.

PS Companies provides our clients with the best nursing talent.

We Source, Attract, and Retain the following professional healthcare staff, as well as many other licensed and certified medical care providers:

• Registered Nurses
• Licensed Practical Nurses
• Certified Nursing Aides
• Administrative Staff
• Allied Professionals

What Makes PS Companies Different?

Not all healthcare and nurse temp agencies provide the same service. At PS Companies you will quickly see the differences that make our agency superior to many others when it comes to hiring nurses. We understand that in this digital age it is often thought that technology should be used whenever possible to be efficient and cost-effective. Therefore, many agencies do not conduct face to face interviews but simply check that the required credentials are in place to be able to fill an open shift just to fill the shift.

• PS Companies always conducts interviews to be able to analyze the applicant’s communication skills, interaction, and professionalism.
• PS Companies goes beyond verifying the credentials of a nurse or aide. We conduct knowledge base testing as well.
• When a PS Companies nurse or aide covers one of your available shifts, you are assured that you have a professional, knowledgeable nurse or aide, not just a  warm body, covering your shift.
• PS Companies is Joint Commission Certified.