Challenges facing your team…

In today’s legal environment, in-house counsel frequently are pressed to maintain or reduce outside legal spend. The struggle you face to add value for your company, react quickly, respond to the needs of your business partners, and manage risk is evident. Your workload may be increasing without a commensurate addition of resources to complete it.

How can PS Companies help?

We creatively partner with our clients to provide staffing solutions through both permanent hire and contract attorney arrangements. Our clients benefit from the flexibility and significant cost-savings a contract attorney can provide, without sacrificing quality. We manage logistics and the costs of employment, including payroll, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance, while you enjoy the benefit of having an extra set of skilled hands on either a part-time or full-time basis. Our contract attorneys vary in skill level and background. Each situation is unique, and we can craft a solution to meet your legal department’s needs.

The PS Companies effect…

Adding a contract attorney to your department’s team provides maneuverability. You will enjoy an increased ability to prioritize work, manage contract review, or execute temporary projects without adding permanent headcount or paying outside counsel fees. This in turn allows your permanent in-house counsel and outside counsel teams to focus their attention on higher value work and manage areas with higher levels of risk.


If your business is looking for a disruptive solution to the traditional law firm model, I highly recommend PS Companies. Didion has been working with PS for over 15 years. During that time, we have relied on them to find highly qualified attorneys to assist in our legal needs in a number of capacities. Not only do we use PS on an ongoing basis for general legal needs such as vendor and customer contracts, we engage them whenever we have a specialized area of law or an overflow of legal work.

The contract attorney model has been instrumental in allowing Didion to remain flexible in how we manage our staffing while having access to top-tier legal talent at a fraction of the cost. Not only is PS much more cost-effective, they truly understand our business and bring business acumen and creativity to the table.

Luke J Burmeister - Chief Financial Officer, Didion Inc.