How many working attorneys out there struggle with the idea of trying to be the  “super parent + super attorney” to all?   This was my personal challenge and one that ultimately lead me to conclude that I needed to take a step back from things and seek a better balance in my life.  That, coupled with the fact that I had a grade schooler plus toddler boy/girl twins at home prompted me to take some time off from full-time employment.   When I was ready to return to the workforce, I struggled with the question of whether “part-time” work truly existed and, if so, how to go about looking for it.   A friend of mine suggested PS Companies.  

Once I made the connection to PS Companies, the business model of on-demand legal services made such good sense – both from the service provider perspective as well as the service recipient.    Having previously worked as in-house counsel, I was very aware of the ebbs and flows of in-house practice coupled with the financial tensions of adding head count to be able to provide support during those high ebb periods.   The PS model allows attorneys, such as me, to provide immediate legal services to companies, but without the head count pressure that adds to the bottom line.   Plus, as the service provider, I liked the idea of being able to specify how many hours per week I was able to work, as well as the opportunity to get to know and understand the different legal needs and issues of reputable businesses throughout our community.

PS Companies does a great job of identifying both the needs and wants from their attorney service providers as well as the needs of their business clients who are seeking legal services help.   They are motivated to ensure that there is a good fit, both in terms of legal background and relevant experience of the individual attorney, but also in understanding the timing requirements and professional needs of their business clients.   Additionally, PS Companies provides business development resources who actively work to find new opportunities.   That way, as one project comes to an end for the attorney, PS Companies often already has a new opportunity lined up so that you can keep the continuity of work going.

For me, PS Companies offered the right solution to my quest to find harmonious balance in my professional and personal life.   Could they be your right answer, too? – Rachel Burner