In the modern days of texting and social media, why is PS Companies still making phone calls? Simply put, a phone call can deliver the best result for experienced attorneys looking to move, especially those who respect an honest conversation. We believe a good legal recruiting firm should be more than a LinkedIn connection- a trusted advisor that helps you connect to a broader group of professionals looking for someone like you.  PS Companies creates career-accelerating value in ways you may not realize:

  1. We put market and relationship knowledge to work for you that no tech solution can deliver. Our team is positioned to know the legal market inside and out.
  2. We partner with in-house corporations as well as law firms.
  3. Our team creates opportunities that can expedite your career growth. We connect dots attorneys often can’t connect on their own. For instance, just last month, one of our clients told us he’d started thinking about a succession plan. We immediately thought of an experienced attorney who wasn’t just a fit, she was the right fit. PS Companies secured a conversation for her with the managing partner, and the rest, as they say, is history.
  4. We keep you marketable. How do you explore opportunity without revealing interest? Or learn where a potential offer stands without looking overly eager? PS Companies protects you by having those conversations on your behalf.
  5. Speaking of delicate conversations… we work discreetly to ensure the compensation offer is in line with your expectations. We help you negotiate the best possible offer!

What attorneys we’ve placed are saying:

“I wouldn’t have found this opportunity without PS.”

“When PS first called to gauge my interest in a new opportunity with a law firm, I told them I was happy and I wasn’t interested. At least I thought I wasn’t interested… nine months later PS found me my dream job, working alongside people that inspire me.”

 “I recently accepted an opportunity with a global company. I didn’t even know this organization was hiring. PS acted as a tour guide and walked me through the entire process – from initial interview through accepting the offer. They made this process seamless.”

Whether you’re looking to move soon or thinking ahead about job security, a relationship with a legal recruiting specialist like PS Companies is an investment in your career. Reach out and we’ll set up that phone call or a meeting in person. Let’s explore the value we can deliver for you.  Feel free to call us at (414)276-6689 in Milwaukee, (763)270-5963 in Minneapolis, or for more information email us at [email protected].”