“In this world you’re either growing or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.”- Lou Holtz

Law firms have seen unprecedented challenges in 2020. Leadership is needed now more than ever. At this moment you should pause and evaluate the management of your firm.  Take an honest inventory of your leadership team and ask yourself, “Is my firm positioning itself for growth and do the objectives to achieve that growth align with growing my practice?”

Here are 3 key areas to review:

The Leadership of the Firm Is Flawed

Firm management is a key factor in building a successful practice. The lack of skilled management can impede the ability to grow a firm and provide the needed vision and decision making that affects your day to day operations within a firm. Decisions about vision and planning for growth affect everyone. Furthermore, the emotional toll of a mismanaged law firm is exhausting.  It drains your energy, time, and focus. Ultimately this can become a distraction.   If management is flawed, it will stunt your ability to grow as a successful attorney.

The Law Firm Is Struggling

Law firms experience unexpected struggles which affect their ability to remain viable. Some examples include unexpected changes to leadership, shareholder turnover, loss of major clients and mismanaged debt. While there are a myriad of potential issues that affect the health of a firm, considering a move to another firm may be one of the most crucial decisions that you will make.

Management Will Not Change

Evaluating if a management team is open to feedback and can make changes is imperative to your success.  If a firm does not acknowledge their pain points or identify how to meet those challenges in a timely manner it could effect your practice in the near future.

If you recognize these issues within your current firm, we can help.  Working with a legal consultant is the first step toward being proactive in helping you identify a firm that aligns with your growth strategy.

I would be happy to set up a time to meet and learn more about your growth goals.


Mara Sonderman
Senior Legal Recruiter
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