There is a distinct difference between hiring and recruiting. It is important that we distinguish between the two if we are going to be successful in winning the war on talent.

What is hiring?

Hiring is employing someone to do a job. Hiring is usually not creative, it’s not proactive, and it typically doesn’t attract the talent you want. In most cases, you create a persuasive ad that intimately describes your need, you post that ad on job boards and various media outlets, and you wait for the right person to apply. Then, you grow frustrated either from the lack of response or the lack of qualified candidates.

Recruit, Don’t Hire.

This is why you need to recruit! For the purposes of this article, let’s define recruiting as a proactive pursuit of attorneys in order to accomplish the goal of attracting them to your firm. When you frame “hiring” this way it should change your approach. The right people aren’t looking. They don’t know you’re hiring and they don’t know who you are. So, you have to attract them!

Don’t just hire, recruit! Apply this to your next big candidate, let us know the vast difference you will see in the process.