This is a question that comes up often and is a centerpiece for many of our discussions with lawyers looking at potential opportunities. How do you know when it’s time to leave your current firm? Unfortunately there isn’t an answer that can provide immediate clarity, but here are some things to think about as you ponder a change.

Is my current platform one that allows me to take care of my clients?
It’s paramount that clients are thought of first before making a move. Maybe you’re entrepreneurial, up to date with market trends, and you recognize that buying behaviors of your clients have changed. Your current platform doesn’t allow for the creativity needed to adapt with the market.

Am I being valued?
It’s surprising how many professionals we meet with that have successful, growing practices and yet their firm doesn’t invest time, energy or money in these individuals. This is frustrating on so many levels and doesn’t inspire those to continue to grow. Often times this can be a great catalyst to find a firm that needs you!

Is this the right fit?
Do you embody the firm? Do you find yourself excited to get up every day and go to battle with the people around you? Do you have a similar approach to the practice of law as those around you? Are you implementing strategies to grow market share? Are you even involved in those discussions? If the answer is no, it is time to look for those whose thinking is similar to yours. They do not need to have the same ideas as you, but the same approach that can inspire you to keep growing and to continue to get better! As they say, iron sharpens iron…

At the end of the day, if you can’t answer yes to all of those questions, why are you sticking around?

unnamedNate Bogdanovich
Executive Vice-President