You finally obtained approval to fill a role you’ve needed for several months. You made the business case to justify the cost for the position. You’ve identified how this role will bring value to your organization. You are working with HR to craft a job description, set the pay grade and post your job on relevant websites. Now, you sit and wait for the right candidate to apply. And, if you’re slightly more proactive than that, you tap your network to see if they know anyone with the skillset you are looking for.

In this market, if that is your process, you’re late!

With a national unemployment rate below 4%, according to Trading Economics the lowest since 1969, the competition for talent is tighter.  Compound this with an aging workforce averaging close to 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day, according to Investopedia, and you can see the dilemma.

How do we remove luck and become better at finding and closing on the candidates we want?

Finding the best candidate for an open role starts before you think there is a gap on your team. The best leaders are always thinking ahead. What expertise are we lacking, where are the breakdowns in service coverage to business units, or how are we improving processes within the legal department?

Get a head start in the race for talent because it’s too costly to hire the wrong candidate. Spend the time and resources finding the right people. They’re busy, they’re successful and they don’t know who you are. You have to find them, before you need them.

Nate BogdanovichExecutive Vice- President

PS Companies