We have all had days where we felt it would be just better if we walked out of the office headed home and never came back.  Then reality sets in and we know it isn’t that bad.

In some cases it is that bad, or a better opportunity comes along and you just can’t pass it up.  Change is never easy and leaving a company is one of the most difficult things to do professionally.  Here are things to consider on your way out to greener pastures.

Reflect on why it is you are leaving

  • Better pay
  • Better leadership
  • Better culture
  • More growth

Reflect on the things you can take away from the role you are leaving

  • Relationships
  • Experience
  • A new skillset
  • Professional development

So how to exit your firm while leaving your professional reputation intact?  Here are some tips.

  • Craft a resignation letter which delivers the news but also thanks the organization for the time and investment they have made in you.
  • Deliver the letter in person to your manager and explain your reasons for leaving.
  • While you may have a lot of negative feedback regarding your current situation, be sure to deliver it in a constructive way. It’s important that you don’t burn bridges. You never know when you may be working with some of these co-workers again or when they may be in a situation to give you a referral.  Professionalism is key.
  • Work with your manager to deliver the news of your departure to your co-workers. If you are leaving a law firm, be aware of the ethical rules that exist around informing clients and work with the firm to do so correctly.
  • Counter offer? See this blog about how to handle that.

Remember… the last impression is as important as the first impression.

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